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Curated list for Google I/O 2022 - Web

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Google I/O 2022 took place on the 11-12th of May, here are some recommended talks:

What's new for the web platform By @jaffathecake and @Una
A deep dive into optimizing LCP By Philip Walton
Bridging the gap: Making it easier to build for the web By @rachelandrew
Bringing page transitions to the web By @jaffathecake
Debugging accessibility with Chrome DevTools By Cynthia Shelly
DevTools: State of the Union 2022 By @jecfish
State of CSS By @argyleink
State of Angular By @twerske and Mark Thompson

And here's the full program if anyone wants to have a look at more talks:

These are the talks I thought were interesting and relevant, if you see any more, feel free to reach out on Twitter and I'll edit 😀